Shopping In Sapporo

Hokkaido’s Recommended Souvenir

Jaga Pokkuru

Are you traveling around Hokkaido and wondering what to get for souvenirs?
Did you know about this delicious potato snack called Jaga Pokkuru?

This is the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido!
We often buy our souvenirs at the airport, but how about you?

Hokkaido is known for its dairy products and melons, but potatoes are also a specialty of Hokkaido.
It is said that potatoes produced in Hokkaido make up for more than 78% of Japan!

You will easily find these in the shops around the airport.

They also have very cute characters of their own too.

Now the fun part, time to open the box.
You can see they are individually packed.

They taste quite different from the ordinary potato snacks that you would normally get.
You can taste the lovely earthy flavours of the potatoes. No wonder they are Hokkaido’s speciality.
These Jaga Pokkuru from the famous brand Calbee are highly recommended!

Tanuki koji

Tanuki Koji shopping arcade, close to the Susukino train station, is amongst the largest and most historic shopping areas in Sapporo. You’ll find more than 200 individual stores along this covered shopping street, along with a great and varied choice of food choices. Browse the shops selling kimonos, tea or incense, scattered between modern stores specialising in computers and software or state-of -the-art electronics and digital cameras – all of which lends it a bazaar-like quality. Some items for sale here are even cheaper than in the 100-yen shops. Tanuki Koji is a popular spot to pick up some cheap souvenirs.

Open: Most shops are open daily from 10 am to 8 pm

Sapporo Factory

Sapporo Factory is a grand shopping centre constructed on the former site of a Sapporo brewery. The complex includes over 100 shops, restaurants, a hotel and a fitness centre within a group of historic redbrick buildings. The main building has an imposing glass atrium which adds to the pleasant experience.

Items for sale here include clothes, home furnishings and household goods, souvenirs and craft shops. In the atrium, the centre-piece of the Factory complex, there’s a stage with regular live performances. The Sapporo Meissen Porcelain Museum is on the 4th floor.

Location: 4 Chome Kita 2 Johigashi, Chuo, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0032, Japan
Open: Daily from 10 am to 8 pm