Stylish Kimonos in Kyoto

Following a age old custom of dawning the traditional attire of ancient Japan, you too can dabble in the aristocratic feel of these beautifully crafted masterpieces. Once worn as status symbols, the kimono are most notably worn for special occasions such as weddings and tea ceremonies. With a trip to Kyoto, you’ll soon see that wearing a kimono is a definite must to complete the ancient feel of the traditional city!

Material Search

Yume Kyoto offers a wide selection of material to create the perfect Kimono. With over 400 designs to choose from you are sure to find a style you’ll love. Time to have fun and pick the design that suits our tastes!

They also offer various plans that allow you to have the staff choose the best match for you, select your own full attire, or rent a Yukata (men). There are also options as to when and where to return the Kimono after you finish your rental period.

Walk Confidently

Walking the streets of Kyoto in a kimono isn’t viewed upon negatively, but it’s actually encouraged. You’ll see many other kimono clad visitors as you walk the streets.

Kiyomizu-dera temple

As the most popular temple in Kyoto it’s clear to see the appeal of this ancient wonder. As a testament to it’s feat of architecture Kiyomizu-dera temple sits on a steep slope, and the temple is supported by 139 pillars without a single nail being used. Wow!!

Kyoto Rental Kimono

Imagine yourself in a kimono, striding along the streets of a timeless ancient city. Visiting temples, and sampling dishes that have been around for centuries. Kyoto carries the weight of a great majestic city that was actually the capital of Japan for a time. Even though it is no longer the capital, it still maintains it’s beauty. Revel in this cities former glory in the manner it was intended by dawning the traditional attire.