Toyota’s New Mobility Cars and the Smarter Transport Options

Looking for a new option to travel around Japan that’s cleaner than ever? Toyota may have the right service you are looking for.
You might have heard of Toyota’s new idea of the Woven City at the CES 2020 and their “Mobility for All” project set for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.
Well, although this is yet to come in 2021, the company has been running electric car services for some time now.
  • Toyota city in Aichi prefecture is one of the cities that has adopted this service. The city has over 60 stations that carry plenty of these vehicles, which makes it convenient for everyday use, and even for sightseeing.
  • Meet COMS, Toyota group’s electric vehicle that runs for Ha:mo RIDE,  a greener mobility service.
    It is one of Toyota’s new MaaS (Mobility as a Service) known also as the “no-private owned transportation” option.
    The name of the service stands for harmonious mobility network, and it is currently available in either single-seaters or two-seaters across the city.We had a chance to ride one of these while we were there in Toyota city. The vehicle moves very quietly just like any other electric car and surprisingly smooth to drive in.
  • If you have a chance to visit Toyota city, try it to find out for yourself!
    Details about the Ha:mo are available here at their official web page.The service is also available in Tokyo and Okinawa as well.*Please note that depending on where you use the service, you will need different types of valid driver’s licenses (i.e. international driver’s license, licenses from accepted countries, etc) and register your details through their application before you start using them. For further details, please visit “Toyota Global Site: Ha:mo TOYOTA“.

    Let us know in the comment section below if you have tried something similar. We are curious about your thoughts and opinion.

    Oh, and we will be releasing more about our trip to Toyota city soon so, stay tuned! ↓↓↓